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Welcome to the Akron Physics Club WEB site.

Club programs deal with current issues in Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Cosmology, Biology, and a host of other topics.

Several new speakers are scheduled each year to present topics of current scientific interest.


The Tangier Restaurant
532 West Market Street, Akron Ohio

6:00pm Socializing - 6:30pm Dinner - Program about 7:30pm
The charge for each dinner is $20

RESERVATIONS or REGRETS by Thursday, November 19th to:
Reservation Secretary Bob Erdman: akron.physics.club@gmail.com
(330) 656-2275

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Anyone is welcome to attend the free presentation starting at 7:30 pm.
But if you would like to have dinner, you will need a reservation

Dr. Sergei Lyuksyutov
The University of Akron
Professor of Physics and Chemistry

will be speaking on:

Graphene fluoride functionalization using high electrostatic fields generated by atomic force microscope tips: Comparison with functionalization of polymers

Abstract: Graphene is two-dimensional sheet of graphite with hexagonal lattice at least 200 times stronger than steel, conducting electricity, heat and transparent. Because of zero bandgap of graphene, it should be functionalized for nano-electronics. Graphene fluoride (CF)n is fluorocarbon derivate of graphene with each carbon atom bound to fluorine. In this work we report novel and easily accessible method to chemically reduce graphene fluoride (GF) sheets with nanoscopic precision using AFM-assisted electrostatic nanolithography. Reduction of fluorine by the electric field produces graphene nanoribbons (GNR) with a width of 105-1800 nm with sheet resistivity drastically decreased from >1 TΩ/square (GF) down to 46 kW/square (GNR). The electrostatic field required to remove fluorine from carbon is ~1.6 V/nm. Reduction of the fluorine may be due to the softening of the C–F bond in this intense field or to the accumulation and hydrolysis of adventitious water into a meniscus. These results are compared with nanoscopic functionalization of polystyrene and polymethyl methacrylate.

Bio: Sergei Lyuksyutov has earned his degrees from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology: MS in Physics and Engineering in 1984, and Ph.D in Physics in 1991. His dissertation title was “Hybrid lasers based on photorefractive materials”. He was awarded George Soros Fellowship at Oxford University, Hertford College, UK (1989-1990). He also served as a Visiting Professor at the Technical University of Denmark (2001), National Research Council Summer Faculty Fellow at USAF Laboratory at Wright-Patterson AFB (2002-2004), Japan Society Promotion for Science Fellow at Institute of Technology in Tokyo, Japan (2004-2005), Fulbright Senior Specialist at the Institute of Physics, Kiev, Ukraine (2008), NASA Summer Faculty Fellow at Glenn Research Center (2010-2011), Senior Fellow at Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC (2012-2013), and as Glenn Fellow at NASA in 2014. He has published more than 50 papers in peered-reviewed journals, and delivered more 100+ contributed and invited talks at International (France, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Poland, Check Republic, Ukraine, and Russia) and National conferences. Sergei is a member of American Physical and Chemical societies, and also SPIE. His research interests are in the areas of Atomic force microscopy, and experimental Nonlinear Optics.


Dinner reservation

    Please join us for our next meeting.  Pre-registration for dinner is required so that we can guarantee our reservations.  Dinner is $20.  To register, send an email to our Reservations Secretary:
Bob Erdman: akron.physics.club@gmail.com or (330) 656-2275

Future meetings:

Date Guest Speaker Topic
 January 25, 2016  Dr. Lekki, NASA -
 Algae bloom in Lake Erie
 February 22, 2016  to be anounced  
 March 28, 2016  to be anounced  
 April 25, 2016  to be anounced  
 May 23, 2016  to be anounced  

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